Why “No Wombats”?

In the course of developing Action Meetings, a very effective and efficient method for running meetings, it became obvious that your standard meeting was chock full of time-wasting, unproductive mechanisms.

We were also working on CATS (Corrective Action Team System). This is a method for discovering the real reason things go wrong (instead of the usual shallow analysis of symptoms). We concluded that repetitive failure was a waste of time and money - which it is!

Coincidentally, we stumbled across the acronym WOMBAT - a “waste of money, brains and time” and it didn’t take us all that long to figure out that here was a universal term for the very things we were dealing with.

Once we got the acronym and started using it, we started to see WOMBATs everywhere. Just like you see MGB GT’s everywhere when you own one. So, the WOMBATs term stuck as it said it all and it became clear that what we were about was getting rid of them.

What’s this site all about?
There will be a few threads that this site will draw out (follow) as these are our main interest - but we’ll branch out from time to time.

  • Meetings - these are a huge time-waster and easy pickings - and yet we all seem to continue to suffer them when there is a better way.
  • Repetitive failure - make an expensive mistake, “fix” it, then see it happen again, “fix” it … and so on. Doesn’t happen in your organisation? Yeah right.
  • Usability - or more correctly, the lack of, wastes time and money.
  • The most expensive meeting - yes, that one where we pay 120-odd people to play out charades that purportedly provide government (aka Parliament).
  • Other stuff - we’ll try and keep this to a minimum - but when events and items of interest crop up we’ll let you know too.

This site is brought to you by Dave McIntosh (the inventor of Action Meetings), Mike Osborne (wombat wrangler) and Malcolm Jackson (project manager - ret.).

Happy reading - we’d love to hear from you!

Dave, Mike and Malcolm.