Dave McIntosh

Dave hails from Africa - Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and moved to New Zealand in August 1988. Now a Kiwi citizen and grateful to NZ (on a daily basis) for a safe place to live where everything actually works, the currency is good and inflation acceptable.

Dave’s two workplace passions are meetings and business process improvement. In fact the invention of Action Meetings® came about as a result of the business process improvement.Dave’s MGB

Outside of work, Dave’s interest are ‘proper’ cars - English made and owned a reasonable specimen of an MGB GT. He has also had a number of Minis but currently doesn’t have one in the stable.

Besides his proclivity for old English cars, Dave is also a keen (but dormant) snooker player, loves anything to do with aircraft and flying (can’t fly himself but his son, Trevor, is a qualified pilot and flying instructor).

Back to the meetings - even from the early incarnations of Action meetings it was very clear that the new process was different and delivered a distinctly different result. He may not have been an expert in meetings when he started but certainly is one now having facilitated hundreds (more likely in the thousand range now) meetings large and small. During these Dave observed the continuing failure of the usual meeting process. Continuous refinement and distillation of the process and the manner in which training is delivered - in fact, it’s not like traditional training because it’s simpler and more effective.

You can improve your meetings with better agendas, chairpersonship ( now there’s a lovely phrase to try and roll off your tongue), good minutes and so on - but they won’t give you a quantum leap in productivity. To achieve that you need a new process that fixes what’s broke in the way traditional meetings are conducted.

It seems that people don’t want to change, and they don’t until they really feel the pain - this site is all about feeling that pain!