Distributing whiteboard images made easy

scanR have made it really easy to clean up, store and distribute images from your whiteboard.

The Action Meetings process is very whiteboard dependent. Why? A core principle of Action Meetings is transparency - everyone can see exactly what is going on all the time and all critical recordings are made onto the whiteboard. (For small meetings, we have an Action Meetings pad that means we have transparency and meeting minutes ready as soon as the meeting ends.)

In the past we always used a copying whiteboard (or we’d attach a Mimio to a plain whiteboard). Nowadays we usually photograph the whiteboard with a digital camera and transcribe it ourselves.

With scanR (a FREE service) you email them the photo of your whiteboard (at an angle and with some background items in the frame) and they email you back a link to the image cropped, straightened and enhanced with the option of downloading as PDF or jpeg. Want to send it on to your meeting participants? Just put in their email addresses and click the button.

(Tried out the document service too - text output was 99% correct - missed some superscript and odd/indistinct characters - OCR online - impressive.)

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