Responsive antivirus

I was very grumpy about my antivirus software failing to catch the ucleaner malware. However, all credit to them on the follow up.

Part of the email response “Ultimate Cleaner is what is classed as rogue anti-spyware. They generally purport to find and remove spyware from computers. However, it is actually a poor performance product that use false positives to goad users to purchase their program. Generally they are installed via a direct install of another program, fake update or patch. A user needs to explicitly install or agree to install the coupled software or infection that allows Ultimate Cleaner to run itself.”

I sent the offending file VideoAccessCodecInstall.exe to the local distributor who passed it on to HQ.

A couple of days later this response came back “I’ve been told that the detection for the sample you sent through has been added. It has been pointed out to me that the executable is repacked and recoded several times a day to avoid detection/scanning.”

I’m impressed - the system works from down here in NZ up to Head Office - and clearly these Ucleaner guys are rogues.

Lesson: complain - responsive organisations take complaints on board and use them to reduce repetitive failure.

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