Alarm time doppelgangers verboten

5:50 - not fully awake - alarm will go off in 5 minutes - could extend another 20 - yep, just do it on auto-brain don’t wake up too much just quickly reset to 6:15 and return to cozy sleep - a simple plan, nothing can go wrong. Don’t need to put my glasses on, I’ll get by if I squint .

So, I press: right arrow (Functions), Select, down to alarm “Wake”, menu, down to Edit, Select, down to Time, Change, up one for hours, across to minutes and set to 15, Ok, Done.

So why do I see the Alarm Details screen again with”Alert” highlighted? Press Done again - something flashed at me and I’m back at Alarm Details. What the? OK - now I’m waking up - my pretty phone is spoiling my simple plan. Get glasses - need to see what’s happening. Why is “Alert” highlighted? I didn’t touch “Alert”. Ok - do it slowly - what - here it is - A white cross on a red background and “No duplicate alarm time allowed”. What? I can’t set two alarms for the same time! Why not? What on earth good reason is there not to allow it? Why didn’t it show the error message when I “Ok’d” the time before taking me back to Alarm Details? Why did it highlight “Alert” and not “Time”? All little details that make the difference between ordinary and not ordinary.

Before alarm set, error message, and Alert highlighted not Time

Surely within the alarm software in the phone (Motorola RAZR v3), the identifier for an alarm isn’t the time it’s set to - but why else would it be prevented? Could I do something “stupid” and set up two alarms with the same name? What do you reckon?

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