No time for alarm

Motorola phone - display of alarms - doesn’t show alarm set timeIs there still a market for alarm clocks now that cellphones have alarms built in? Can’t see why I’d use, let alone buy one - especially since my pretty cellphone has alarms for Africa.

What is the most important thing you want to know about an alarm? Pretty much the same answer as what is the most important thing you want to know (once you know where it is) about a timebomb.

I can enable or disable an alarm with one key press - but to find out when it’s set, I have to 1 press the menu key, then 2 scroll down one step to the Edit option and then 3 click Select to see the time  and then 4 Cancel to get back to where I can enable/disable.

It can’t be for lack of room on the brilliant screen that they don’t show the set time.

So I get a free alarm clock with my cellphone - but it’s missing just one tiny vital piece of information - and that detracts from my experience.

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