Convention = consistency = usability

One of the key principles of usability is adherence to convention - if we set things up in a consistent way then it’s a whole lot easier for people to understand how something works and then make educated guesses to achieve a result. A mis-applied or incomplete consistency is often worse than inconsistency. (from Gnome site)

The Office of the Domain Name Commissioner in their publication “Making a name for yourself…”(PDF 295kb) states “Second level domains (2LD) allow .nz registrants to communicate extra information about themselves in their domain name. Unlike “”, with .nz there is always a group of letters in between (most widely used are” (my emphasis applied)

Excellent - we have a clear rule, providing consistency.

So why do we have and ?

I wouldn’t mind so much if redirected to - but it doesn’t.

(as for, at least works!)

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