AA Worst site in New Zealand?

Yet again, I tried to use the AA Site. For years it has been the most useless site in the entire .nz domain. Even if you have logged in, it “forgets” who you are, depending on which page you navigate to. Today, I logged in, then went to renew my membership. It asked me for my details - even though they are all contained within the site!!! Another thing, they used to have a so-called petrol watch page. I wrote to them about a year ago and told them their prices were about two months out of date. I never receved a reply, of course. I now see that they do not have this page anymore. Or, if they do, it’s too hard to find, as I’ve just spent ten minutes searching.
If only there was some competition, like the UK. That would make them sort their ideas out. Time for a beer.

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