Finish meetings faster by starting slower

Seems paradoxical that using up time at the start of the meeting to go over items that aren’t agenda item #1 will give you a shorter meeting in the end.

One of the things we encounter when introducing people to Action Meetings is that they don’t understand why we take so much time at the start of each meeting - and why we repeat this same “time wasting” at each meeting. Surely you only need to do it once - and once we know the Ground Rules do we really have to read them out each time?

Imagine building a house. Why waste time on foundations? You can’t see them so why bother - just get stuck in to putting down a floor and walls and so on. Much faster, yes? No - because it will all start to wobble and break.

It’s just the same with meetings - except that often you can’t see it wobbling and breaking because it’s not a tangible thing. Intangible things, like meetings, need foundations too.

The five or ten minutes we take to get a meeting properly started always pays off in the end.

Rushing into the first agenda item may look like you’re all busy - but there’s a big difference between being busy and being productive.

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