Fashion victim

If only I was under 24, fashion conscious, a fun seeker and individualistic I’d have the right cellphone. Yes, I do have a Motorola and what a pretty phone it is. Sleek design, deep blue, slim and fits easily in a pocket - nice big bright screen.

But - I do have a love/hate relationship with this phone. My previous Alcatel was an ugly duckling by comparison - but I loved it and used it for years. Why? Because it was so easy to use - it worked the way I worked. It had far fewer navigation buttons - and maybe that’s why it worked better. The designers had to do more with less. Perhaps with more button options the Motorola designers got lazy and didn’t really figure out how people really want to use it. Or maybe they were targetting a youth market with perceived more interest in form than function. Anyway - the upshot is here’s a phone that’s usability design doesn’t match it’s visual design. Finding a number and making a call could be a lot easier - and each time I make a call it wastes my brain and my time - only a little bit I’ll grant - but that little bit is the difference between satisfaction and delight.

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  3. Annie Says:

    Now, No Wombats, where have you been when you were buying your own cell phone?! You go to the fancy cell phone shop and the first thing you say to the shop assistant should be ‘See, darling, I’m a busy professional/genius who always forgets his/her appointments, needs a helpful cell phone, sort of a high-class personal assistant, that will be tenderly servicing me! Yes, tenderly and discretely. I have a bilateral, no! - multilateral thinking, spread in different corners of the quantum world(s), so can’t be bothered with complicated equipment! Huh! Do you by any chance have anything in that category?’ Then the shop assistant (a long-legged blonde, of course!) will swiftly move to the rack with the required equipment and pick the right one for you. Easy!
    It’s always a matter of communication, isn’t it?

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