Misleading traffic lights

Do road engineers drive over the roads they’ve altered and check that everything is in order and nothing is missing?

The road layout where Webb Street meets Willis St in Wellington has been changed in the past few months to allow two lanes to turn left into Brooklyn Road for better flow south. If you take the outer lane, be careful not to follow the traffic light that sits right in front of you as it is missing the set of lights indicating the left filter. It would be all to easy to swing left and not see a pedestrian crossing with lights from east to west (towards the hotel willis) until it’s too late.

Ambiguous traffic lights - the right light is missing the left filter lights

The question that intrigues me is who, if anyone, looks at roads from the drivers point of view and not the engineers point of view? And - do they do a check afterwards to ensure it’s all OK? Unlike software which usually doesn’t affect life or limb, failures and omissions in road engineering can have serious consequences.

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