Attended a no value meeting

A while back I attended a low, sorry I mean NO, value meeting.

The reason it had no value was that at the end of two and bit hours, neither I or any of the other attendees could remember what it was about and why we were there.

 Two significant behavioural elements stood out:

  1. No one listened to what anyone else had to say
  2. Cellphones were a major distraction - the ring tone on one was appaling and another person not only answered the call but carried on a lenghty discussion with the caller while the rest of us sat around like a bunch of irrelevant bimbos.

One Response to “Attended a no value meeting”

  1. Annie Says:

    Yes, I heard this modern phrase at a meeting. We need cultural shift! That is, WE need to change. But this is not the way human mind works. The usual expectation is that the others should change and we stay the same, because we are right. Nowadays, technologies develop faster than human behaviour models. But the confusion described in the above meeting is probably also lack of value-centric team thinking…

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