OK - so the Black Caps won

Clearly the South Africans had an off day, the explanatory style principle holds true more often than not and this was obviously an aberration.

I might have made a small mistake - but you can’t fault my explanatory style (temporary, limited and impersonal).

What will happen next?

South Africa:

“We were poor in all three departments, this has been our worst game in a long while.” - personal, pervasive
“We were very ordinary and our dressing room is very disappointed. We’ve rocked up at every game and expected to roll them over.” - personal
“The New Zealand dressing room is more hungry than ours at the moment and that’s a concern. They did it all right tonight and we did it all poorly.” - personal, pervasive

New Zealand:

“It was a complete performance, you couldn’t ask more of the team.” - pervasive
“The first words out of a lot of the guys’ mouths were that we should have won in Durban, so the series should be over now.” - personal, permanent
“Now that we’ve got the momentum we’ve got to make sure we hold onto it.” - permanent

Tricky business making predictions based just on explanatory style - but I think you’d agree that on that basis alone we’d have to pick the Black Caps for the next victory.

Yes - David Beckham’s in town - bend it he does, but this goal from halfway is an old favourite that shows his class (and this one).

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