Vettori’s words set up the next loss

The Black Caps got beaten on the last ball at Durban. Yes, a loss - and they were pipped in the Twenty20, but there’s been a significant turnaround from two innings defeats in the Test matches. Given the Test match results I’d have predicted they were toast. In all a huge improvement and South Africa were pushed hard.

So, if we go with the theory that explanatory style is an indicator of resilience and a predictor of future success then Vettori’s words are leading to more losses.

Remember the three factors; personal, permanent and pervasive. Here’s the report on what he said and some quotes:

“We mucked it up” - personal
“We missed chances in the field again” - permanent “again”
“We should have finished the game off and should have won it comfortably.” - personal
“But we’re still not winning, so we have to move forward and try to find a way of winning the next one.” - permanent and pervasive “try to find a way of winning”

Yes, it may be accurate and a “realistic” assessment but is it a winning one?

How about if he’d said, “You’d have to say we’ve bounced back from the Tests and apart from a couple of streaky overs and Nell getting lucky we’d have won, but that’s one-day cricket.”

That’s no less accurate and one that fits the explanatory style (PDF 160kB) of a winner.

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