What you say doesn’t matter, it’s how you say it?

It’s amazing the kind of advice that you can get on how to run a better meeting.

Take this, for example, “7 percent of communication is what we say” and the other 93% comes from pitch, volume, rhythm, body language, facial expression and eye movement - therefore focus on these elements.

In your next meeting, have everyone not worry about what they are saying but ensuring their pitch, rhythm, body language and facial expressions are fully expressive. At most you’ll lose 7% of the communication and you’ll have way more fun. Your meetings are like that already?

Or - you could use a robust process that has addressed the reasons meetings fail. No mumbo jumbo or hodge-podge of tips (bring food, stand up, create drama, pass a stick, have a timekeeper…) - just a simple, straightforward process that works.

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